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We are Auditeers

One label, many faces

Auditeers is the label of many online products. We build online SaaS and free to use products for the B2B and B2C market. Auditeers invests in freelance developers and designers with great ideas, cause every small idea could spark a big audience.

Ad-supported business model

Auditeers specializes in ad supported products. Most of our tools are free to use but supported by paid content, advertising and affiliate programs

Independent developers

We work with independent developers with bright ideas. We support them financially and give them access to our contacts and knowledge.

Privacy and dataprotection

We believe that respecting  privacy pays off. A bold move in the ad business but a investment for the long term. All out products comply with the EU GDPR regulations.


Our products are mostly aimed at niche audiences, that makes our ads effective.

Our portfolio serves many audiences in many countries. Because users trust out products, they trust our ads. We comply to the Google ad experience guidelines and will always choose experience before short term profit. That's why out ads have higher conversion rates and click-through rates than average banners.  


Beautiful startpages

We have multiple browser startpages. A simple but highly effective product. Our users see our pages on average 23 times a day. Thats 23 possibilities of engagement, while offering the user a beautiful and useful product


Email marketing

We have different products in automated email marketing. Combining useful information with offers people love. With the right onboarding, privacy settings and personal approach we deliver value to our subscribers.


B2B tools

Different B2B tools that companies love.  Our popular GDPR compliance tooling or Easy CRM systems for niche organisations are being used by many small businesses and their clients.


Consumer experiences 

We build great tools for consumers. All of them are inspired by real live problems we encountered ourselves. We believe in small tools and products. It keeps the experience simple and clean.


Bring value

Blogs and tools spread knowledge to our visitors. We bring value by spreading unique content in special interests. Every day we have thousands of visitors interested in various topics like travel, tech and shopping. 

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